Modification of Order:

Orders can only be modified within 24 hours of the order being placed. After an order is more than 24 hours old it is not possible to amend the order. The reason for this is because our minimal lead time requires that the order enter the initial stages of production within 24-48 hours. 

It is important to review your order before purchase to ensure that it is correct. If you notice that you have placed an order that contained an error or requires modification for any reason please contact us immediately at the e-mail address below:

Custom Orders/Supported Models:

Mastermind Tactics is NOT currently accepting custom orders for holsters or magazine carriers. To see if your firearm model is available add the item (holster or magazine carrier) to your cart to view the order form. The order form contains a list of all supported models. 


Production/Lead Time: 

Our goal is to always have products ship as quickly as possible. Our current lead time is two (2) weeks. If for any reason delivery of your product should take longer than our two week lead time you will be contacted as soon as possible.


Law Enforcement/Military Discount:

Mastermind Tactics appreciates the service of active and retired military and law enforcement personnel. To activate your LE/Military discount please send a copy of your police ID to the e-mail address below with the subject "LE/Military". If policy does not allow for you to send a copy of your credentials, or you are active/retired military please inquire at the e-mail address below for instructions on how to enroll in the program. Once your information has been processed you will receive an e-mail with information about the Mastermind LE/Military program. 


Firearms Instructors/Trainer Discount:

To activate your Trainer discount please send a copy of your firearm instructor certifications to the e-mail address below with the subject "Trainer", once your information has been processed you will receive an e-mail with information about the Mastermind Trainer program. 


Manufacturing Process:

Each and every Mastermind Tactics product(s) are handcrafted, as such any slight variations in form should be considered a hallmark of fine craftsmanship. 



Mastermind Tactics  will accept merchandise in its original condition for a refund of the purchase price when accompanied by the original invoice for a period of 14 days. Return Authorization must be obtained prior to returning any item to Mastermind Tactics. To receive a return authorization please write to the e-mail address below with the subject "Return". Please include your invoice number in the body of the e-mail. 

Merchandise that has been worn, used, altered or damaged will not be accepted. 

Mastermind Tactics reserves the right to refuse return of any merchandise that does not meet the above return requirements at Mastermind Tactics sole discretion.



Mastermind Tactics stands behind each and every product we manufacture. All Mastermind Tactics products have a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and workmanship. In the unlikely event that there is an issue or problem with any Mastermind Tactics product(s) please contact us at the e-mail address below with the subject "Warranty". Please include a brief description of the problem you are experiencing in the body of the e-mail.  Certain parts on some Mastermind Tactics products are consumable or wear parts and have a usable lifespan ( consumable parts are not covered under the limited lifetime warranty unless there is a clear defect in material or workmanship). 

Mastermind Tactics reserves the right to refuse warranty work on products that have suffered abuse, neglect, or modification this determination will be made by Mastermind Tactics at their  sole discretion.


Use of Holsters: 

Before you begin to use any Mastermind Tactics  product(s) you the end user are responsible for being able to safely use a holster and or magazine carrier, this includes carriage, drawing, holstering, and weapons retention.

 Ensure you have the correct holster for your firearm, NEVER holster a loaded firearm in a new holster without confirming it is the appropriate holster for your firearm. Only use firearms that your holster is made and marked to accept. Once you confirm the holster is the appropriate holster for your firearm familiarizes yourself with the holster with an UNLOADED FIREARM. Ensure that the holster functions properly with your firearm and ensure the retention is adequate. NEVER USE A MODIFIED FIREARM IN ANY MASTERMIND TACTICS HOLSTER. Mastermind Tactics  makes holsters for factory/OEM configured firearms ONLY.


NEVER RELY ON THE RETENTION OF A HOLSTER FOR WEAPONS RETENTION. The primary form of weapons retention is the user.

ALWAYS ensure that your firearm is fully seated in any Mastermind Tactics holster. During physical activity, to include running, competition shooting, participating in a block of firearms instruction, or any other vigorous activity, the end user should NEVER rely on retention capabilities of the holster. The firearm should be retained in place with your hand to prevent the firearm from falling out of the holster.

A firearm will fit tightly in a holster with proper retention.  It is possible for the slide to be moved out of battery when re-holstering.  ALWAYS keep your thumb on the back of the slide when re-holstering to avoid the slide moving out of battery.   

The end user is SOLELY responsible for checking for proper fit and function every time any Mastermind Tactics Product(s) are used and as often as necessary during use. Any manufactured product has a usable lifespan and any manufactured product can and will wear out. Any manufactured product can become damaged, should any Mastermind Tactics product(s) become damaged or wear out CEASE USE IMMEDIATELY.

Do not expose your holster or magazines carriers to extreme heat; Mastermind products are made from thermoplastics and excessive heating can cause permanent damage to your holster.



By purchasing and accepting delivery of any Mastermind Tactics product(s) you certify and agree to all terms set forth under  our "Legal" page. 

 Additional Disclaimer:

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