Mnmlist EDC Belt

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Mnmlist EDC Belt

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Current lead time is two weeks; to select size and color add item to cart and you will be prompted to fill out an order form.

Before placing an order please read the sizing instructions and carry notes at the bottom of the page.

Please note that orders can only be modified within 24 hours of placing the original order. 

The Mastermind Tactics Mnmlist EDC Belt is designed to be able to accommodate AIWB and traditional IWB carry. It is constructed in a slim design that eliminates unnecessary bulk making it extremely low-profile.

Our Mnmlist EDC Belt features a steel D-Ring closure; the Steel D-Rings offer active retention of the tail and have a small footprint so it is easy to arrange holsters, magazine carriers, and/or sheaths along the belt line.

The Mnmlist EDC Belt is available in all black and an attractive two-tone design of black and gray, and features hook and loop closure.

**Please Note:  The Mastermind Tactics Mnmlist EDC Belt is intended for AIWB/IWB carry only**

Belt width is 1.5". Belts are available in standard sizes from 28-46.


Select a belt size that is two inches (2”) larger than your average trouser size (the size pants you would normally wear with all of your carry gear). For example if you wear size 34 pants with your carry gear choose a size 36 belt.

**Please Note**

Our Belts are designed to be worn with the tail section secured on the OPPOSITE side of your holster and are not designed to be secured with the tail section wrapped over the holster.

If you have special requirements for tail length due to how you carry your gear like wearing your belt with the tail secured over the holster, or you need a short tail section due to offsetting the belt buckle, or you do not intend to wear the belt in the fashion it was designed we highly recommend utilizing our Belt Sizing Kit.

When ordering a Belt Sizing Kit follow our belt sizing instructions and order the size that you determined you needed by following our belt sizing instructions. If you determined you needed a size 34 place an order for size 34, what you will receive is a Belt Sizing Kit that contains three belts in size 32, 34, and 36. This is the only way to accurately obtain proper size for a belt that is not going to be worn in the manner it was designed to be worn.

If you are unsure about what size belt you require please contact us before placing an order. We will be happy to assist you select the proper size.