Lumen Magazine Carrier

Lumen Magazine Carrier


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The Mastermind Tactics Lumen MC (Magazine Carrier) features the same highly functional design as the Porter AIWB magazine carrier but in our signature two-tone single-layer Lumen material.

The Mastermind Tactics Lumen MC AIWB  allows you to carry a spare magazine with ease. Thanks to the Pull-The- Dot® loop closure the Lumen MC features infinitely adjustable cant to tailor the fit to your individual needs. If you are prepared enough to carry a pistol with you there’s no excuse to not having a spare magazine as well, and with the Lumen MC carrying a spare mag is a breeze.

The Lumen MC comes with a foam Concealment Wedge to help you further customize the comfort and concealability.

Order magazine carriers based off of how you carry your pistol, if you are right handed select a right handed magazine carrier. The Lumen MC has a ‘bullets forward’ design, meaning that the magazine will index properly when taken out of the carrier for an expedient reload.

If you have any questions or require more detailed technical information please contact us before placing an order.


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