Helix Belt

Helix Belt


Current lead time is two weeks

Select a belt that is 2" larger than your average pants size

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The Mastermind Tactics Helix belt, just like our Hadron holster has been designed around carry sized pistols and as such the two pair extremely well together. The Helix is constructed to allow for just the right blend of flexibility and stiffness to comfortably conceal your small single stack or sub-compact pistol. The Helix belt is a one of a kind belt engineered to work in tandem with our Hadron holster.

The Helix is so comfortable that it can even be worn as a general-purpose belt suitable for the most mundane daily tasks to life’s big adventures. The Helix is the perfect travel companion as it features a remarkably lightweight, low profile, polymer buckle. Additionally the Helix is extremely packable making it easy to stow just about anywhere.

  •         1.5" Belt Width
  •         Low Profile Polymer Buckle
  •         Hook and Loop Closure
  •         Made in USA

Belts are available in standard sizes from 28-46.


Select a belt size that is two inches (2”) larger than your average trouser size (the size pants you would normally wear with all of your carry gear). For example if you wear size 34 pants with your carry gear select a size 36 belt.

If you are unsure about what size belt to select or require more detailed technical information please contact us before placing an order.