Foam Attachment Assortment

Foam Attachment Assortment


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Mastermind Tactics holsters feature specialized foam attachments. These attachments, consisting of foam wedges and pads, are designed so they can be repositioned, removed, and replaced to help you achieve the perfect level of comfort and concealability.

If you aren’t sure which foam attachment type will work best for your individual needs, or you just want to experiment, our Foam 3-Pack is a great way to find your preferred foam attachment to achieve the ideal levels of comfort and concealment.

Foam 3-Packs come in two distinct sizes, Service Pistol (SP) and Carry Pistol (CP). Be sure to select the proper size for your holster.  Foam 3-Packs come with pre-cut industrial strength hook and loop tape.

 Service Pistol Foam 3-Pack:

  • SP Wedge
  • SP Pad
  • Verso SP

The SP wedge/pad size is designed for service pistols (compact and full-size) and provides the right blend of comfort and concealment for compact and full-size pistols. SP Wedges/Pads are intended for use with Radian and Lumen SP holsters.

Carry Pistol Foam 3-Pack:

  • CP Wedge
  • CP Pad
  • Verso CP

The CP wedge/pad size is designed specifically for modern carry pistols (small single-stack and sub-compacts), maximizing the comfort and concealment of your carry sized pistol. CP Wedges/Pads are intended for use with Hadron and Lumen CP holsters.

Verso Wedge:

The Mastermind Tactics Verso Wedge is our most advanced foam wedge design and acts as a concealment aid for holsters with belt claws. The Verso wedge is angled in a way that rotates the top of the slide towards your body and allows the pistol to sit flatter on the waistline when used in conjunction with a holster with a belt claw. The Verso wedge comes in both SP (service pistol) and CP (carry pistol) sizes. The Verso Wedge is for achieving the ultimate fusion of functional concealment and all-day comfort.


If you have any questions or require more detailed technical information please contact us before placing an order.