Mastermind Tactics Holster Set-Up and Care

Mastermind Tactics Hadron AIWB Holster

When setting up your holster there are three basic adjustments that you can make: ride height, retention, and wedge position.

Ride Height:

All of our holsters feature two position adjustable ride height. Our holsters come set up in the high ride height position, we recommend using your holster in this position as it enables a faster and more consistent draw. If you need to change the ride height simply remove the screws that secure the belt attachment. Place the threaded posts through the ride height holes you wish to use from the underside of the holster body. Place the rubber washers over the posts from the outside of the holster. Place the belt attachment over the threaded posts and re-secure with the two screws.

Adjustable Retention:

We recommend retention be set fairly tight to increase the security of the pistol in the holster. If a change must be made the amount of retention is regulated by the two screws located on the belt claw. Tightening the screws increases retention, and loosening the screws lowers retention. It is important to adjust each screw equally and use an appropriately sized screw driver to avoid marring the screw heads.

Removable Foam Attachment

A foam attachment is a great concealment and comfort aid. The foam attachment is removable and is secured with industrial hook and loop closure. We recommend placing the wedge or pad flush with the muzzle end of the holster, if an adjustment needs to be made the wedge/pad is easily repositionable and moving the wedge/pad up or down the body of the holster can have a large effect on comfort and concealment.

Holster Care:

Holsters are fairly low maintenance in general; here is brief list of what to keep an eye on to ensure your holster is in good working order:

  • Periodically check all hardware to ensure nothing has loosened
  • Inspect holster shell for cracks or stress marks (While your holster should provide you with years of service the plastic shell does have a useable lifespan)
  • Wipe dust/debris out of your holster regularly (keeping your holster cleaner will help keep your pistol cleaner)

Our holsters feature an open bottom design which is much easier to keep clean than a closed bottom design. Although unlikely, the open bottom design also has the benefit of allowing objects (such as brass ejected from your pistol) that might make their way into your holster to pass through the bottom so they do not interfere with reholstering.   


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