Mastermind Tactics Holster Attachments:

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We offer various belt attachments for our holsters; we will take a look at the different options, discuss the pros and cons of each, and give you our top choices from the perspective of a holster maker.

Injection Molded Plastic Clip:


  • Easy to take on and off
  • Fairly low profile
  • Reduces wear on leather belts
  • Less likely to scratch things (if you scrape it on your car door or an appliance in your house)


  • Less secure on the belt than other attachment methods

Overall: The injection molded plastic clip is a great all-around attachment that is easy to get along with. This convenience is also its biggest downside, being easy to take on and off also means it is less secure than some other options and as such isn’t the best choice for hard use in a demanding environment. 

Steel Belt Clip:


  • Best blend of security and convenience
  • Low profile
  • Can reduce printing


  • Can be difficult to remove
  • May scuff/abrade a leather belt
  • Can scratch things if you bump into them (like scraping your car door with your belt clip)

Overall: The steel clip offers a high level of performance in the lowest profile attachment. The clip may be quite a bit harder to remove from your belt than the injection molded clip, but for a hard use environment that is certainly a positive.  

Fixed Soft Loops:


  • Most secure belt attachment
  • Can adjust between 1.25”-1.5”-1.75” belt widths
  • Lower profile than Pull-The-Dot® Soft Loops


  • Must remove your belt to take holster on/off

Overall: The fixed soft loops are tops in security. It takes a bit longer to take your holster on and off since you need to thread your belt through the loops, but if you need to ensure your holster stays put these are the way to go.

Pull-The-Dot® Soft Loops


  • High level of security
  • Can adjust between 1.25”-1.5”-1.75” belt widths


  • Bulkiest belt attachment option
  • Can be tricky to take on and off

Overall: PTD Soft loops offer a high level of security while still allowing you to take the holster on and off without removing your belt. Compared to the fixed soft loops the PTD soft loops aren’t quite as slim and snapping the loops on and off can prove more difficult than a belt clip.

Our take:

While there is no single best belt attachment from our point of view as holster makers we have two favorite belt attachment options that we think are both the best at what they are designed to do.

If you need the utmost in holster security, whether you are using your holster in a demanding training environment or need to carry a concealed pistol in a professional capacity the fixed soft loops outshine the other options. Presenting a slimmer profile than the PTD soft loops, the fixed loops only downside is that they require more effort to take on or off your belt, when security is the priority we think it is certainly worth the trade-off. 

If you are looking for the ultimate EDC belt attachment we don’t think you can beat the steel clip. It is far more secure and lower profile than the injection molded clip, it isn’t as easy to take off as the injection molded clip, but we think that’s a good thing. The slim profile has two benefits, being thinner means it reduces the chances of printing, but it also allows you to run a little thicker belt than the injection-molded clip. The only negatives are that it can be a little less friendly to leather belts and you need to take care to not scrape it against things you don’t want to scratch. The fairly minor ‘cons’ are easy to work around, and with the overall utility of the steel clip, it is the belt attachment you will find on our personal holsters. 

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