Mastermind Tactics Foam Wedges and Pads:

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Foam Attachment Purpose:

Mastermind Tactics holsters feature specialized foam attachments and can be had with your choice of foam Concealment Wedge or foam Comfort Pad.  They are designed so they can be repositioned, removed, and replaced to help you achieve the perfect level of comfort and concealability.

Our foam Concealment Wedges allow for end-user adjustable concealment by working with your holster to tilt the grip of the pistol towards your body while simultaneously pushing the muzzle away from it which allows for easy concealment of even large pistols.

Break in period:

It is important to give the foam adequate time to break-in and mold to your body.  If you have not used one of our foam attachments before it will take approximately three days for your Concealment Wedge or Comfort Pad to break in and for you to get used to using such a specialized attachment. This can vary from person to person and may take longer if the holster is only worn for short periods. After the initial break-in period your foam attachment will retain its ‘molded to you’ shape for a considerable amount of time.

Wedge placement:

The placement of the foam Concealment Wedge or Comfort Pad on the holster body is critical in tailoring the fit of the holster and the comfort and concealment to you and your individual needs.

Movements of the foam as slight as ¼” in any direction can transform a holster from being uncomfortable or offering poor concealment to a holster that offers comfort and concealment that you never imagined possible.  

Type of foam:

Our wedges are made out of fine-cell, cross-linked closed cell foam. The foam is resilient and durable which means it will have a long service life. The foam also has low moisture permeability and is mildew and rot resistant.  

Fit for any application:

Everybody is different and on top of that each model of pistol is different. We have foam attachments in multiple sizes and styles allowing you to truly customize and achieve the perfect levels of comfort and concealment for you.  

SP Wedge: Our SP wedge is designed for service pistols (compact and full-size) and provides the right blend of comfort and concealment for compact and full-size pistols.

CP Wedge: Our CP wedge is sized specifically for modern carry pistols (small single-stack and sub-compacts), maximizing the comfort and concealment of your carry sized pistol.

Foam Comfort Pad: Our foam Comfort Pads come in both SP (service pistol) and CP (carry pistol) sizes and add comfort to your holster without adding bulk.

Verso Wedge:

The Mastermind Tactics Verso wedge is our most advanced foam wedge design and acts as a concealment aid for holsters with belt claws. The Verso wedge is angled in a way that rotates the top of the slide towards your body and allows the pistol to sit flatter on the waistline when used in conjunction with a holster featuring a belt claw. The Verso wedge comes in both SP (service pistol) and CP (carry pistol) sizes. The Verso wedge is for achieving the ultimate fusion of functional concealment and practical all-day, real world comfort.



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