Mastermind Tactics Belt Comparison:

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Any complete, capable concealed carry set up demands a belt designed specifically for the task at hand. A dedicated concealed carry belt needs to have the right blend of strength and flexibility to support all your gear while still providing all day comfort. Not everyone has the same requirements; we have several different concealed carry belts making it easy to tailor your belt to your individual needs.

Partition: Ready for whatever the day brings

Our Partition belt is designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Versatility is the Partition belt’s top priority, and if you need a belt that can go from the office to a combatives class the Partition belt is happy to oblige. A standout amongst our line-up for its competence in a broad range of activities, its refined, subtle appearance is backed up by no-nonsense design ready to perform.  

Helix: Constantly on the go

The Helix is designed for maximum performance when used in conjunction with the Hadron holster. The Helix is unique in our belt line-up by being the only purpose-built belt for carry sized pistols (small single-stack and subcompact pistols). The Helix belt also makes for the perfect travel companion, whether you need a non-metallic belt for the airport or a belt packable enough to fit in a cramped back-pack the Helix has you covered.

Parameter: Hard use, no problem

When you need a belt as tough as your demanding schedule the Parameter belt has high-volume use in mind. Whether your job entails a rigorous training regimen, or you frequently attend training courses you need a belt that won’t give in, and the Parameter has the strength to provide years of concealed carry service.  

Specialist: A very specialized skillset

Our most purpose-driven belt, the Specialist helps you get the most out of AIWB carry. Highly-trained, experienced AIWB users know the need for a low-profile belt that doesn’t get in the way of equipment, and the Specialist provides the level of performance and functionality that the most demanding AIWB users require.   

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