Do You Carry a Reload?


The Mastermind Tactics Porter and Lumen AIWB Magazine Carriers:

The adage holds true: a little planning goes a long way, and the Porter and Lumen MC have you covered in the planning department. The Mastermind Tactics Porter  or Lumen MC AIWB Magazine Carriers are a comfortable, concealable, and easy way to plan ahead. Carrying a spare magazine is a great idea for numerous reasons that go beyond the obvious that more bullets are better.

Carrying a spare magazine AIWB in our Porter or Lumen MC is almost effortless and is the perfect complement to any of our purpose built AIWB holsters. The Porter or Lumen MC allows not only the ability to reload if the situation necessitates such but gives the preparedness to deal with things such as magazine malfunctions, which is an oftentimes overlooked element when it comes to concealed carry. If you do not carry a spare magazine and experience a malfunction that requires an additional fully loaded magazine to correct you don’t have much in the way of options to fix your problem. Carrying a spare magazine makes sense not only for the traditional reload scenario but even more so for malfunction clearing and correction.

The Porter and Lumen MC feature an optimized length for the ideal level of concealment and stability.  Additionally the Porter and Lumen MC feature a Magazine Concealment Wedge that can further customize the comfort and concealability to your personal needs and applications.

Mastermind Tacics, LLC