Appendix Carry: Practical for Practically Everyone

Mastermind Tactics Lumen CP AIWB Holster

Appendix carry in one form or another has been a popular way to carry a pistol since they were invented. From seafaring pirates to modern plain clothes police officers, appendix carry has been a preferred method of carry throughout time, and for good reason.


In recent years appendix carry, specifically AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) carry, has become more widely accepted in the general firearms community not only as a viable but optimal method of carry for the professional and responsibly armed citizen alike. The reason that AIWB carry is becoming so popular is because it works; AIWB carry offers an unmatched combination of concealment, ease of access on the draw stroke, weapons retention, and comfort.


AIWB carry places the pistol in the front of the body; for the right-handed shooter AIWB carry will most typically result in the pistol being carried somewhere near the 1:00-1:30 position. This allows for the firearm to conceal with relative ease, even with lightweight or snug fitting cover garments.


The AIWB carry position allows for the pistol to be accessed quickly and with a repeatable and natural feeling draw stroke. It also allows for access to the pistol from many different body positions and with both the strong and support hand. The central location also allows for the pistol to be more effectively controlled while in the holster during dynamic situations.


The above benefits of AIWB carry are relatively easy to make sense of however the largest mental hurdle for many who do not have experience with AIWB is the common misconception that AIWB carry must be uncomfortable. With proper equipment and a little experimentation AIWB can provide all day comfort for most everyone.


While AIWB carry can work for most how you set your equipment up can and will vary from person to person and can have an enormous impact on both the comfort and concealability of gear. AIWB carry is very user specific and it can take some time to figure out what will provide the best blend of comfort and concealment to meet your specific requirements. 


We are so confident that AIWB is the best option for concealed carry it is our sole focus, we are truly appendix specialists as all of our gear is designed around making appendix carry as comfortable, easy, and mainstream as possible.

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