Common Belt Questions

What is the difference between the belts, what size do I need?

Belt Sizing:

We recommend selecting a belt that is 2” larger than your average pants size. This works for most users, however depending how you wear your belt and how you carry you gear (and how many things your carry on your waistline) you may potentially need one size larger or smaller.

It is also worth noting that your average trouser/dress pant size is usually more reliable in calculating your suggested belt size than jeans / tactical pants as they are generally more true to size. 

Model Differences:

The Mnmlist EDC is the belt that we most commonly recommend for AIWB carry. It is just as slim as the Mnmlist Specialist, the buckle footprint is not that much larger, and the D-rings have a great deal of retention. The Mnmlist EDC will work for most all AIWB and IWB needs. If how you carry your gear allows enough space for the D-rings (which are not much larger than the buckle on the Mnmlist Specialist) it is highly recommended that you opt for the Mnmlist EDC over the Mnmlist Specialist.

Mastermind Tactics Mnmlist EDC Belt

The Mnmlist Specialist as the name implies is a specialized AIWB belt and recommended for those who carry their gear in a way that precludes the use of a larger buckle. The sacrifice when going to the smaller buckle versus the Mnmlist EDC belt is retention, the Mnmlist Specialist has two buckle options; the polymer buckle offers reasonable retention. The optional steel buckle offers little in the way of retention beyond the hook and loop closure and is only recommended for users who absolutely require the extra space on the belt line afforded by the smaller buckle.   

Mastermind Tactics Mnmlist Specialist Buckle Options
Mastermind Tactics Mnmlist Specialist Belt

The Universal Belt is slightly thicker and a decent bit more rigid than the Mnmlist line of belts, it also features solid brass D-rings which provide a more substantial look. While it can support more weight than the Mnmlist line of belts, the Universal belt is not overly stiff so it still works well for AIWB carry and it will also function well with traditional IWB carry and light OWB usage. The Universal Belt is an all-around gun belt that should work well for most carry situations.

Mastermind Tactics Universal Belt