Holster Instructions

Holster Instructions:

Adjustable Ride Height:

Ride height comes set from the factory in the ‘High’ position, we recommend leaving your holster set in the high ride height position as it allows for a faster and more consistent draw stroke.

Changing ride height:

1.       With a properly sized screw driver remove the screws that secure the belt attachment and remove the belt attachment itself, then remove the rubber washers and threaded posts.

2.       Place the threaded posts through the ride height holes you wish to use from the underside of the holster body. Place the rubber washers over the posts from the outside of the holster.

3.       Place the belt attachment over the threaded posts and re-secure with the two screws, make sure the screws are tight enough that the belt attachment will not move.

Mastertmind Tactics Hadron Adjustable Retention Ride Height AIWB


Adjustable Retention:

Retention is tested and set from the factory and it is generally not recommended to adjust the retention. If retention must be adjusted advanced users may wish to increase the level of retention for added security.

Retention is regulated by the two screws located on the holster body in front of the trigger guard on the belt claw.

Tightening the screws increases retention, and loosening the screws decreases retention. It is important to adjust each screw equally. We recommend retention be set fairly tight to ensure the security of the pistol in the holster.


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