Foam Instructions

Foam Wedges/Pads:


Foam attachments are great concealment and comfort aids. Foam wedges and pads are removable and are secured with industrial hook and loop closure. Wedges/pads are easily repositionable and moving them up or down the body of the holster can have a large effect on comfort and concealment.

If you have never used a foam wedge it is imperative that you try the holster with the wedge for at least three days to give the wedge time to break in and mold to your body. After sufficient usage it is very rare to not prefer using the foam wedge.

Positioning a wedge/pad:

Mastermind Tactics Foam Attachment Position


Pictured is the default position for a foam attachment; we always recommend placing the wedge/pad so it ends in line with the end of the holster as a baseline. Most users will prefer the wedge/pad in this position further adjustment is not usually required.

If the wedge/pad must be moved for comfort or concealment reasons we recommend moving the wedge/pad in ¼” increments. The wedge/pad may need to be moved up or down like so:

The wedge/pad may also need to be moved to one side of the holster (horizontally) to achieve proper comfort and concealment (pictured below):

It is important to have patience when finding the right spot for your foam wedge or pad. While it may take several days to locate the best position for comfort and concealment your wedge/pad will provide a performance and comfort benefit for quite some time; once you get your wedge/pad where you want you will be glad you took the time to do so.

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