Mastermind Tactics, owned by Graith, has been re-launched to continue the legacy of the Specialist, the pioneering low profile tactical belt relied upon by professionals all over the world.  

Our low profile tactical belts were first conceived in 2010 when we made belts for our own personal use. Over the following years friends,family and co-workers began to use our belts and in 2015 Mastermind Tactics was founded. Initially offering thermoforged holsters we began designing a production version of our personal belts and in 2016 the Slim EDC belt was released.

The Slim EDC belt laid the foundation for what would eventually become the highly regarded Specialist belt, which was shortly produced under the Mastermind Tactics name until being re-branded under Graith. The Graith Specialist was the most prolific serious use low profile tactical belt in existence.

Even though Graith has shifted its focus away from soft goods we recognized that there is still a need in the market for a low profile tactical belt. Not wanting to abandon our largely professional customer base we decided to revive the Mastermind Tactics name and develop a new belt design, taking inspiration from the Graith Specialist but also subscribing to the original intent of all Mastermind Tactics goods which is to provide the highest quality, no frills, USA made gear at fair prices.

Making use of our extensive knowledge and expertise in tactical belt innovation and commercial sewing we are proud to offer the Mastermind Tactics Specialist Pro as a worthy successor to the Specialist. We are confident that you will find the Specialist Pro to be the most functional and highest quality serious use low profile tactical belt available at any price.