The Mastermind Tactics Lumen AIWB Holster

Mastermind Tactics Lumen AIWB Holster

Mastermind Tactics Lumen AIWB Holster:

Our flagship holster, the Lumen AIWB, represents the latest evolution in our holster innovation. The Lumen features a custom made material that is gray on the exterior for a subdued look and white on the interior for ease of visual inspection upon reholstering. We had custom material made for the construction of the Lumen, unlike other ‘two-tone’ holsters the Lumen is a single layer.

Based on user input and sales trends we noticed a desire amongst our most demanding users for a holster that had a higher interior visibility than a normal black holster. This high visibility interior facilitates visual inspection of the holster for obstructions before reholstering.

Many of our customers were ordering orange or red holsters as they were easier to see into than a black holster. The majority of users prefer a more subdued holster color versus the brighter colored holsters. We were intrigued by the idea of a purpose built high-visibility holster as we though it offered many potential safety benefits over a darker holster. We experimented with a wide variety of colors and found that a white interior offered the highest level of visibility, even more so than neon colored material.  

The utmost care should always be taken when reholstering your pistol, especially with AIWB carry. A benefit of AIWB carry is that you can easily “look” your pistol into the holster. Amongst other safety considerations, visually confirming that your holster is free of obstructions is a critical part of safely working from a holster. The white interior of the Lumen makes it easy to actually see into your holster and will make any potential obstructions more noticeable than in a black holster. Additionally since you can actually see into the white holster body it can help you to get into the habit of confirming your holster is clear of obstruction before reholstering if you are not already accustomed to doing so.     

One of the motivating factors in the design of the Lumen is high volume usage of a holster. If you carry AIWB, and even more so if you are currently using or considering using an AIWB holster with special features such as a belt claw and foam wedge, your practice and training volume is likely much higher than the average gun owner. While we should all strive to be as safe as possible and understand that a strict adherence to the basic rules of firearms handling is crucial, the more that we practice the more we expose ourselves to the potential of making a mistake. A simple analogy to illustrate the point is this: If I drive my car one time per month for 1 hour it is arguably safe to say that my likelihood of being involved in a traffic crash is less than if I drive 8 hours per day 5 days a week all month (all other variables being equal).

While no piece of equipment is going to increase safety in and of itself, the high visibility interior of the Lumen facilitates you visually confirming that your holster is free of obstructions prior to reholstering. Your visual inspection of the holster is what provides the additional layer of safety during the reholstering process. The Lumen can further reinforce your current safe firearms handling and holster work practices while providing the same high level of performance you expect from all of our AIWB holsters.