Product Spotlight: Mastermind Tactics Specialist Belt

Mastermind Tactics Specialist Belt

Mastermind Tactics Specialist Belt:

If you carry AIWB and either offset your belt buckle or have to change the way you carry your gear to accommodate your belt buckle at the centerline our Specialist belt is purpose built to help you get the most out of your gear when carrying AIWB. With Appendix carry you need a belt that is slim, unobtrusive, and just rigid enough to support your holster.

The Specialist is constructed with one layer of scuba webbing backed by one layer of mil-spec nylon webbing which provides a thin yet stable base for your holster, mag carriers, sheaths, etc. The dual-layer mil-spec webbing tail is flexible enough to thread easily through the buckle while still having enough strength to support a magazine carrier or sheath.

Mastermind Tactics Specialist Belt

One of the many benefits to carrying AIWB is that you can generally conceal compact and even full-size pistols without much issue. However, if you carry a full-size pistol and also carry a mag carrier or sheath (or both) opposite of your pistol that doesn’t generally leave a lot of room for your belt buckle. The Specialist belt allows you to run your gear practically where you want it without having to work around a buckle.

If you are someone who needs more usable space on the belt line or are tired of having to work around your belt when carrying AIWB the Specialist belt will serve you well and help you get the most out of your carry gear.

Mastermind Tactics Specialist Belt Mnmlist AIWB Holster Magazine Carrier
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