Product Spotlight: Mastermind Tactics Parameter Belt

Mastermind Tactics Parameter Belt

The Mastermind Tactics Parameter: Belt

The Parameter belt combines the streamlined profile of all our belts with the functional benefits of a Cobra buckle. Our most rigid offering, the Parameter has the strength to hold up practically any concealed-carry set-up, and the Cobra buckle gives you the ability to unhook your belt without having to undo the tail.

The Parameter belt is similar in construction to the Ellipse belt, with a layer of scuba webbing sandwiched between two layers of mil-spec nylon webbing, but adds an additional 1” layer of webbing on the exterior providing a little bit more vertical rigidity and some added thickness. The tail is flexible enough to allow easy length adjustments while still having enough strength to support a knife sheath or magazine carrier. While the 1.5” Cobra buckle utilized by the Parameter won’t fit through most belt loops it provides a much lower profile than belts that use a 1” Cobra buckle, making the Parameter usable for AIWB carry and also much less likely to cause printing issues. Where belts using a 1” Cobra belt have extra layers of webbing behind the buckle the Parameter, since it uses a 1.5” Cobra belt, doesn’t need to have any webbing behind the buckle, which not only makes it lower profile but boosts the usable belt space as you can place attachments as close to the buckle as you want.

Mastermind Tactics Parameter Belt


The Parameter belt is tailored for heavy carry load-outs and hard use. If you carry something fairly heavy, like a 92, a 20 round spare mag, a knife, a TQ, and a flashlight, or if you are attending a week long class with an intensive amount of holster work, the Parameter belt is likely your best choice. The Cobra buckle also comes in handy for those who try to avoid using the hook and loop closure on the tail, since you can unhook your belt without undoing the tail you’ll only have to undo the tail when you need to take your belt completely off of your pants.

Whether you need the extra strength to hold up your heavier carry set-up or you are engaged in frequent, demanding training and need a belt that can keep up with you the Parameter will serve you well.

Mastermind Tactics Parameter Belt Lumen AIWB Holster
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