Product Spotlight: Mastermind Tactics Helix Belt

Mastermind Tactics Helix Belt Mnmlist AIWB Holster

The Mastermind Tactics Helix Belt:

If you are in need of a belt tailored for lighter-duty concealed carry usage or for those times when you aren’t carrying the Helix belt will provide the adaptability that you need. As our only non-reinforced belt the Helix is more pliable and flexible than any of our other offerings and as such is designed specifically for lighter weight applications.

The Helix belt differs in construction from our other belts by forgoing the scuba webbing core and substituting it with a layer of high-strength flat nylon webbing which is then covered on both sides by a mil-spec nylon webbing. The polymer buckle provides retention in conjunction with the hook-and-loop closure while keeping a slim profile and taking up minimal space.

Mastermind Tactics Helix Belt

You might feel like you are going a bit overboard using a reinforced gun belt if you are carrying a light-weight load out.  A Glock 43 and one spare mag, or a VP9SK and a small knife don’t usually require a super rigid belt, and this is where the Helix shines. The Helix is strong enough to hold up a small single stack or sub-compact pistol but flexible enough to provide all day comfort. The helix is also great as a general purpose/outdoors belt, it is light-weight and easily packable, and the non-metallic buckle makes it a great choice for travel.

Whether you are just going out to get gas and carrying your small single stack pistol or you are going on a fly-fishing trip the Helix belt provides you with a purpose built belt for lighter applications when a reinforced gun belt is overkill.    

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