Common Holster Questions

Mastermind Tactics Mnmlist AIWB Holster with PTD Soft Lops

What holster should I get; do I need a holster with a claw?

Our general guidelines are that a claw is more often than not a benefit to a holster for a full-size or compact sized pistol. We also find that claws often aren’t necessary for most users with small single stack pistols (G43 and S&W Shield).  In addition to helping to conceal the grip claws do reduce the amount of movement the holster has on the belt versus the same set-up without a claw.

Holster Length:

Generally speaking, when an appendix holster gets too short it has the tendency to roll outwards (away from your waist) which compromises stability and concealability. Our holsters will have length added to the muzzle end for any pistol that is shorter than a G19, those models are:

Glock 26

Glock 43

Smith & Wesson Shield

Beretta PX4 CC


A Glock 19 length holster is usually long enough to avoid any of the issues encountered when carrying an AIWB holster that is too short. While a longer holster is more stable than a shorter holster when carried AIWB a holster that is too long can be uncomfortable. Holster comfort is very user specific, and while some have no problem carrying a G34 length holster, some users may experience discomfort with anything longer than a G19 length holster.

Holster Ride Heights:

The two ride height positions are approximately 3/8” apart. The low ride height position should be high enough that the belt will not compromise the draw stroke for most users. We have tried to set the ride heights so neither position is extremely high nor low to give the most useful positions for the largest number of users.

The lower the ride height the more difficult it is to draw the pistol, but the pistol will generally conceal better at a lower ride height versus a higher one. Conversely a higher ride height usually facilities a faster draw but can compromise concealment. Comfort is user specific, and which ride height is the most comfortable will vary depending on the length of the holster, type of pistol being carried, and the size/position of wedge being used (or lack of wedge) for any given individual.

Mastermind Tactics Mnmlist AIWB Holster and Ellipse Belt